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Benefits of SSL certificates

You must be thinking that why you should need to use SSL? This article is completely dedicated to benefits of SSL Certificates.

The most important and basic reason of using SSL is used is to keep sensitive information. It has been sent across the Internet encrypted. It is been done so that should be the only intended recipient can be understood.  SSL Certification is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer. This process is been done by the SSL certificate to get to the destination server. It is as simple as that.
There should be a computer in between you and the server. Along with that one can see the credit card numbers, usernames and passwords and other important documents. There you can also avail with some other sensitive information. You can see only if is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. For your information, I must tell you that when an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server. Here we have discussed 3 major benefits of using SSL certificate


Authentication is required in every field. A proper SSL certificate provides authentication. It means that you can be sure that you are sending information to the right server. You can make sure that the use of the information will be good and it won’t go in bad hand.  Apart from these I must tell you that if you face the nature of the Internet, it means that your customers will often be sending information through several computers
Use SSL for Gaining Customers’ Trust:
Whether any web browser you are using it provides you the visual cues. It is like a lock icon or a green bar. It is important to make sure that visitors should know when their connection is secured or not. It will trust your website more when they see these cues. Not only that the SSL providers will also provide you a trust seal that instills.
SSL Certificate Protects Phishing:
If you get any phishing email, you should know that the email would have sent by a bad person. He or she wants to impersonate your website. It saves you from getting such threats for your website. Any particular email usually includes a link to own website or uses a man-in-the-middle attack to use your own domain name. Not only is that it very difficult for these criminals to receive a proper <a href="http://www.hostingraja.in/ssl-certificates">SSL certificates</a>. Thus you can be sure that SSL certificates protects phishing
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Importance of Reseller Hosting Services

In Most Simple words Reseller web hosting is nothing but Reseller business where you sell someone else's hosting and domain Name services for profit. You Can buy Massive Hosting from the original web hosting site, and sell them as a premium one to your clients. This is one of the most popular earning options on the internet as it covers a worldwide range of customers.
Most people, do not know about Reseller Hosting and How it useful to make a profit because they are not too familiar with Reseller Web Hosting. Though you would have surely come across this term several times before, you would not have taken it as a serious thought to make profit. It is basically defined as a business where a user resells Web Hosting plans by purchasing a large plan from a website hosting company. reseller web hosting in india has grown very forward as a great business venture for budding entrepreneurs in last few years. There are many Reseller web hosting services available in India if you want to target your market in India.
If you are wanting to start an online business, then you can really go for reseller Hosting, because this one will give you the most profit online very easily. This happens to be one of the ideal methods of profiting online without forcing yourself to engage in the same challenges as web hosting. This is because web hosting can be difficult if you dont have the patience and skill to handle the job. Maybe you need something more passive that gives you passive income, and thats what being a reseller is in certain respects.
A reseller does not have to buy web servers used in hosting and nor does he have to maintain them. Both these tasks are generally performed by the main hosting company from whom the reseller buys the hosting plan. The only investment a reseller needs to make is the reseller hosting plan he purchases from the web host. All the remaining tasks, such as server management and support will be performed by the main hosting company.
Hosting Raja is one of the leading website hosting companies in India offers affordable reseller web hosting services. HostingRaja offers all types of hosting plans, such as Reseller Hosting, Windows hosting, Linux Hosting, Java Hosting and many other services
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A Complete Understanding of Shared Web Hosting

This article is on and about Shared Web Hosting. Generally a shared web hosting service is considered to those web hosting services that house or serve too many websites together on their single server. For this reason, we can say that you signed up with a shared web hosting service as it serve to other websites as well. Shared web hosting is popular service amongst the small scale businesses. Small scale industries can’t afford a dedicated server all alone. It is bit expensive. 

It is very clear confirmation that your website would not be the only website that is hosted by the web hosting service you have taken. Though, each website would have its own place on the server that would keep it separate from one another websites. It would still nonetheless be sharing the web host only. 

Now the question arise that why people opt for shared web hosting? Shared web hosting is very affordable and economical option for web hosting. According to sources, one will find that most people opt to purchase a place on a shared web hosting server. Shared web hosting websites are attractive to individuals who want to have a web presence without going into debt.  Otherwise you have to pay the higher prices for a dedicated server, which is by the way not possible.  

All you have to do is you have to sign up with a shared web hosting service, that’s it. You are not responsible for managing the server. The whole responsibility belongs to the shared web hosting service to update the server for you. For this reason you are just paying a fee for service. Besides these, the web hosting service will install new software, provide technical support and install the necessary security updates. What more can you ask for? 

There are several shared web hosting providers in around. If you are thinking to undertake shared web hosting service, you have to select a perfect web hosting company for you.   Many small web hosting sites are start-ups but do their job brilliantly. Besides these, there are already established and well known shared web hosting services. You have ample for options for your web host. 
Else you can Google for best web hosting company and there you will get your desired list. Purchase the best quality web site hosting service and give your website a new dimension.     
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What is Unlimited Hosting?

Unlimited hosting means unlimited web space to store data and it is really fruitful, if you are thinking to create a complex website or a big portal. Unlimited hosting depends upon the requirements. There are several types of websites, which one can have, some websites are personal, some are commercial, some belong to a community again there are some websites which are used as universal medium of communication. According to the work and importance the space requirement varies. So whenever you are going for web site hosting, you have to think that whether you will go for unlimited hosting or not. There are so many web site hosting companies which provide unlimited web hosting for their own interest. It becomes ridiculous when you really not need that much space to store your data. It is completely upon you whether you require it or not?

There are some websites, rather web portals, which requires lot of web space to store information, images and many other things. They or these website owners will definitely go for unlimited hosting facility. Unlimited hosting provides you several web site hosting packages. All you have to do is select from the huge catalogue and order for the best web hosting packages for you.

There are web hosting packages which provide great uptime and domain name registration free. Isn’t that great? The reason behind this is that most of the web site hosting companies that provide domain name registration services along with other services. Thus they create such packages where along with web site hosting they can actually cash upon. Besides these, you can also avail with several values added services. Some web site hosting companies provide extra services like free control panels, free e-mails set ups and free blogs set ups. Don’t be late if you are thinking to undertake unlimited hosting package, just purchase it. Don’t think much.

For more details, you can contact us. You can reach us through e-mails and calls. We have dedicated customer service executives who will guide you with the best information.            
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The Role of Best Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the area on which very few customers have verse knowledge. Customers, who want to undertake web hosting service India, search for the best web hosting services India provider. Are you one of them? Days were gone when you could have solely depended upon a web hosting company because it is reputed and popular. Now day’s customers are taking so much of interests on each and every nitty-gritty things. This is not only required but also mandatory to get done with best quality web hosting services. The first and for most thing is that “how it works”? Many people ask about this thing that they do know that web hosting is required to live their websites, but why it is needed? 

The answer is very simple and that your website has so many information or data and you need some web space to store those data for you. This simple explanation is known as web site hosting process. The next most important thing that one should keep in mind is the domain name registration. The domain name is the identity for your products and services you provide to the consumers. These are many web hosting services India companies which come with free domain name registration services, if you undertake the best web hosting server in India packages from them.     
A web site is the medium or the tool that promotes your products or rather trades the products. So, being the most important medium of the business, it should be always live. Are you aware of the fact, whether you website will be always live or not? There are reputed web hosting services India companies, which provide 99.9% uptime for your website. It has a great effect. It means your website reaches to the customers all the time and visitors can see the products.

The next thing which one should know before undertaking the website hostings services from any web hosting company is the value added services. There are several value added services which are been provided to the customers for free. You will get services like free control panel, free e-mails set ups. Free blogs set ups and many more. If your web hosting company is providing all these facilities, you should undertake their web hosting services India. Don’t be late, host your websites.     
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Web Hosting Providers India: Your Guide to Find the Best Web Hosting Providers in India

If you are planning of bulding the professional bussiness website, then the best thing to do would be to get hold of best web hosting providers india.  You will find doing this is not as difficult task to get the reliable web hosting services. But then since there are too many of them, you will also need to be very careful towords choosing the right hosting service provider and that you will require in helping you boost traffic to your site.

Find the best web hosting service provider in India that can provide you with the uninterrupted service that you will required for your business to run smoothly.  There are lots of these cheap web hosting providers in India. Keep in mind that you study each before choosing. You can go thrgouth their customer reviews, it help you out to get the right web hosting provider india. One more thing is that you will required to go for the paid hosting service providers, as they provide featured services and support. 
Domain Control: It is not just enough that you come across the web hosting services and functions. It is also necessary that you find the one that can help you enhance the functioning of a domain of your website as well. Therefore, it is necessary to hire the Best Web Hosting Providers in India and they will help you out regarding this. 
You should also take your time to check if the web hosting company from India you are trying to get is equipped with the essential tools to help you run your websites efficiently and effortlessly.  That way, you will be guaranteed that your business will soon have the traffic it has always targeted but never achieved. For this, perhaps you now know that it is not enough that you get hold of the cheapest reseller hosting but that it would also be helpful if you can find the one that will give you what your business truly needs.
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All You Need to Know about Best Website Hosting Service

Now a days finding a good and reputable Web Hosting Service Providers in India is not at all difficult, all an business needs to know the concept web hosting apart from knowing certain other features in the web hosting services that will help businesses when it hires those services. Best hosting services will be the ones where the packages are created and the prices quoted are also very affordable, a credible host will provide hosting services for both Linux and windows platform, with choices of user-friendly control panels also it will be dedicated towards providing you with excellent customer-care support to ensure quick response time for optimum performance.

There are many Best Website Hosting Service companies in India, The servers are co located at hosts data centers and 24*7*365 days Sales and Technical-support team for hosting clients or customers is provided by all those service providers claiming to be the best in the business and also to be credibility personified. Good players will also have the best & most advanced hosting solutions for entrepreneurs, the servers are configured to handle high traffic and hosting performance. Security of the hosting clients possessed by the service provider is also cared for heavily and constant monitoring happens all the time and it come with the features including PHP, MySQl, HTML etc.

There are also certain features that can be seen in these hosting solutions, one of them includes fully featured hosting accounts with complete web development solution, where as others would include the likes of special rates discounts and more accounts would certainly lead to heavier discounts and would ensure that things keep going on as smoothly as they can. The benefits of best web hosting service include effortless account management system and private DNS, the former involves the liberty to activate, suspend and then reactivating accounts whenever you want with some tricks where as the latter would involve branding the name servers for customers or clients. Trust these services to produce the best of benefits for people all around the globe and also to serve the clients in the best possible manners, the quality is evident in the services that eventually get catered and clients get ensured of the best reputed services over the period of time.

That is the reason why you need 24/7/365 days clock access, so that if you do incur any mishaps, questions, or concerns along the way, you can contact a reliable professional by phone or chat at any time whether it day or night. Customer appreciation is one of the most important area that you should look into before committing to a long term relationship with a web hosting company, once they appreciate their customers will offer discount opportunities while sign up. It also helps to talk to existing customers and get their feed back or impressions about the web host and ask for strengths of the service as well as improvements, address those with the company at the time of registration. Therefore, your site could be on the way to a long lasting partnership in this competitive hosting services.

If you are looking to build an online business, nothing can be more important than making sure that your website is up and running all the time. We all know that no Website Hosting Company can guarantee an uptime of 100%, most of them do assure up to 99% uptime guarantee. It is really important and considerable point to looking into that your web host is providing 99.9% server uptime. Hence, we should all know that Greater the time the website is available, the better it is for the overall business. 
Hosting Raja is one of the best web hosting providers in India offers quality reliable services at cheapest rates. They provide Quality Services with 24x7 Regional support for domain registration, domain search, Domain Name hosting. HostingRaja provides a FREE domain Name Along with Any Hosting Package. The Hosting Packages starts from Rs 99/- the cheapest prices in the Internet. 
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Website Hosting Guide for Online Start-ups

When you think about starting an online business, you will have to come across with couple of basic things about Domain name registration and Web hosting. Understanding and Knowing some of the factors and tips before you can start Choosing a web host will help in you in the long run. There are millions of web hosting sites are available in online and finding the right web hosting site provider might take a little effort on your part. The Web hosting provides offer different hosting packages which will include different features and services. It might be confused What to choose for your online Business. So here, I have mentioned some of the major factors you need to consider before choosing a hosting Company:
Bandwidth :   Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that website visitors can download from a website so, as your visitors increase to your site, your bandwidth also will increase. You must decide what bandwidth capacity you need to your business and based on that you need to choose the package offer by website hosting companies 

Web space – You must decide how much space does your website require.  If you are planing to Run an organization and professional website, then generally it requires huge amount of space to upload files, video, images etc. According to your website/business needs you can choose suitable Hosting package. 

Email – This is how many email accounts you will receive with your account. You might also have a limit on how much space your emails can take up on the web server

Necessity of a database – You will need to use a database for your blogs and store useful information. Decide whether you need a database or not. Because, as i know personally some web hosts do not provide database feature

Necessity Web programming language – Be sure to find a host that offers programming language, if you want to use programming with your web site.

FTP access : If you are planning to run a professional website then you will need to have FTP access for your account to upload your web files to your account. Be sure to find a host that offers FTP access to your account.

Unlimited hosting services:
If you are planning to build professional larger website, then you need to go for Unlimited hosting services where you are allowed to have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage on your site. Generally your website will be having more number of visitors and as your traffic starts to increase, your bandwidth also will increase. Also, be sure when you purchase hosting, the selected company offers good technical assistance.  If Web hosting companies offer a 30 day guarantee might be a good choice if you are just starting out. Hope, you could get complete details from Above article on choosing the Right Hosting Provider with Right Hosting Package

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Role of Server uptime in Web Hosting

The heavy Use of web hosting services to keep your website visible on the web server to Anybody who wants to look at it has made the Server Uptime Guarantee one of the key features of hosting plans and hence – one of the most considered Factor choosing the right hosting provider who guarantee the 99% Server Uptime. This has urged the self-respecting hosting providers to use only top quality server hardware (incl. servers, switches, and routers), bringing the uptime guarantee to maximum possible levels. 

Imagine that you are running an online business that has good number of sponsors and high traffic for your website. Your Customers visited your website and they found your website is very slow/Error/Off-line. What would they think about your site?. It may be possible that you may loose all traffic and business and which is really source of your income. Hence, you should make sure that your web Host should have 99.9% Server Uptime. For Example, if some host has an uptime average of 99.86% that means your site will be down for almost one hour each month. This is most important aspect of website that it should be available to your online visitors all times. We generally consider many factors while selecting the web host but we may ignore to choose a Host that is reliable one and promise 99.9%.  

If you are looking to build an online business, nothing can be more important than making sure that your website is up and running all the time. We all know that no Website hosting providers can guarantee an uptime of 100%, most of them do assure up to 99% uptime guarantee. It is really important and considerable point to looking into that your web host is providing 99.9% server uptime. Hence, we should all know that Greater the time the website is available, the better it is for the overall business. 
99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee

HostingRaja is one of India’s leading Website Hosting Company. The company offers 99.9% uptime guarantee with unlimited data transfer. HostingRaja offers all major types of Website Hosting solutions, including Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting.
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Website Hosting and Hosting in India Guidelines!!

All businesses today require an online presence to get explored by world's audience and to get that online presence, one needs to create a website from web hosting providers. Website hosting refers to the term where your website, whether it is for personal or official use, is hosted on a particular server so that it can be viewed by people across the world. In order to get audience/customer's to visit your website you need to get it hosted from any reputable website hosting service provider. There are a several professional web hosting companies are available who provide a wide range of hosting services and even web hosting in India are in a huge demand. These web hosting companies offer specialized hosting packages with great discounts that are based on a latest technology and hosting packages are also available for various CMS based websites like Word Press or Joomla web hosting. There are different types of hosting available in India to cater to all kinds of business requirements, below most common and popular types of hosting are listed:
1. Shared hosting: Shared hosting is one of the most common and viable options where the resources on the single server are shared with several different websites, it will host quite a large number of websites at the same time on single server which is very cost effective.
2. VPS: VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting does share its resources with other websites but there still exists a large difference between shared and VPS hosting, in VPS the you get full root access to the operating system of your virtual server, you have your own independent server in the virtual world and this can be an ideal option among any other hosting services.
3. Dedicated hosting: This is an ideal option for those who have big websites and needs to handle huge traffic and has critical significance and need a large amount of resources, in this case your dedicated server is your own server.
4. E-commerce hosting: E-commerce hosting means the websites that have an online store and one can easily use the free open source OS commerce and online transaction.
There are may web hosts that offer top quality service at reasonable pricing, hosting sites those are very serious about conducting their business online need to use a service that will provide consistent management in running a web server. Only a reliable and reputable web hosting company can provide to them such type of services with advanced technology used for Internet to enhance their business globally. Finding a good web hosting company for your business opportunity is not an easy task, also an India based web hosting company can provide progressive hosting services and e-commerce web hosting solution for your business website. Anyways, Wish You Great Success for Your Business